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Beginner - Advanced Instruction

We have experience working with all skill levels and are confident in our ability to support learning and musical growth no matter the students prior experience. We make sure to tailor each lesson to the individual students needs and interests.

All Ages Welcome

We are happy to welcome students of all ages into our home! Young children will enjoy lessons due to the fun and engaging teaching styles. For older beginners and adult students, our goal is to provide them with the technical tools to be able to play the music that they enjoy. We believe that it is never too late to start learning an instrument!

Studio Recital and Performance Opportunities

We believe it is important to provide performance experience for our students. We offer several studio recitals per year and strive to help our students become better performers. 

Supportive Learning Environment

Every student is so different! That is why we strive to foster creativity and to tailor lesson plans to suit each individual’s interests, goals, and needs. Lessons are largely student-centred, and we recognize the abundance of different learning styles that exist. We strive to have a meaningful connection with each of our students (and their parents, if applicable) as we believe that this is vital in creating the optimal supportive learning environment.

Lessons: List
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